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PCI Compliant Call Center
Feb 13 2020

In 2006, the five major payment processors developed an industry-wide standard. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PSI-DSS) is a voluntary system guided by 12 tenants designed to incorporate both high technology and common sense into best practices. If your business handles payment transactions over the phone, working with a PCI compliant call center provides protection, peace of mind and security. Here are three reasons to choose a call center provider that is PCI Compliant.

Less Frequent Data Breaches

With on-going PCI compliance, the chances of cyberattacks to try to obtain customer data are greatly reduced. One report from 2015 discovered all the companies that remained 100 percent compliant were not involved in any data breaches. Those companies that weren't compliant usually were lax in monitoring network access, resulting in at-risk customer data.

Increased Customer Confidence

Approximately 60 percent of today's consumers believe the business is responsible when a customer's personal data is breached. Being PCI-DSS compliant goes a long way toward relieving consumers' fears and instilling loyalty. Displaying voluntary security certifications demonstrates you are deserving of your customers' trust. Working with a PCI Compliant call center will secure your customers' information and data, building customer confidence.

Limited Liability Exposure

When there is a data breach, it can become a huge and complex legal issue for any size business. PCI compliance can help reduce the frequency of cyberattacks, as well as protect companies from lawsuits and excessive liability exposure. It may also be beneficial and help in a legal case since you can show both consumers and banks you have done what was in your power to secure confidential consumer payment information and other data.

To learn more about the importance of PCI compliance with your call center partner, and to learn about The Office Gurus compliance protocols, contact us!

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