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Are BPO Call Centers Strategic Partners for Modern-day Companies?
Sep 01 2017

By 2022, the global market for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is projected to reach US$262.2 billion [1]. BPO call centers continue to provide a cost-effective alternative solution to properly staffing and managing an in-house customer service or sales team. Not only do growing businesses face the challenges related to scaling their internal staff properly, but they are also faced with adopting technologies that their Omni channel customer bases have grown to expect. The cost savings, scalability, and technology expertise is really a foregone conclusion when it comes to the benefits related to outsourcing, but the real question is whether or not an outsourced call center can truly become a strategic partner for brand-conscious companies.

Unless companies can afford to acquire enough talented resources in-house along with new technology adoption and innovation, then partnering with the right BPO is an opportunity to harness the benefits without wasting precious time and money. This has been proven already. However, if outsourcing diverse tasks and areas of your business operations to a BPO is viewed as a simple transactional relationship between a company and a vendor, then the end result is a vendor whose eyes are solely set on their own goals.

The definition of a strategic partner is much different. A strategic partner is as invested in your company’s goals and growth as much as you are. A true strategic partner is seamlessly integrated and committed to every aspect of your business. A strategic partner knows how to set expectations and knows when to say NO because it is in the best interest of the partnership. Vendors tend to cut corners and keep things close to the vest, true partners are an extension of your organization and deliver. This is how true BPO partners make it happen:


The key to a true strategic partnership begins with collaborative communication between the BPO call center and your company. These open discussions during the discovery phase and throughout implementation will ensure that the BPO has a comprehensive understanding of how you view your brand, how you want your customers to be treated, and which success metrics have the greatest impact on your bottom line and overall customer experience.

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In order to deliver a strategic experience, BPO call centers have to communicate critical alerts in real-time and be prepared to pivot based upon the analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and customer feedback.

It is imperative that real-time methods for recognition and communication are in place and that adjustments can be implemented quickly. These methods may include any combination of live call monitoring, speech analytics software, real-time dashboards, reporting portals with remote access, and ongoing calibration and performance meetings.


Quality people are at the heart of great interactions! If BPO call centers do not have the same level of commitment to your vision, then you know they are just another vendor. The BPO partner needs to feel strongly and deliver on their responsibility to staff your extended office with the best agents possible. Extra time needs to be taken during the hiring process to ensure the selected agents are the proper fit for both the BPO’s environment and your desired profile. You should insist on taking part in the recruitment process to ensure you are in sync with the BPO on the profile of your brand ambassadors.

A lot of call centers promise to be true partners. We deliver. If you’d like to learn more about our BPO solutions, you can request more information here.

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