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You’ve decided to outsource, now what?
Sep 03 2019

As you begin your search and start having conversations with potential partners, REMEMBER it’s important the call center you choose is compatible with your business, has the resources available to handle your anticipated call volume, and has strong managerial experience.

Whether on a site visit or via phone, try to “S.T.I.C.” to this plan when speaking to a potential vendor:

Support: Staffing your team with the correct agent profile who is both a fit for your culture and can relate to your customer base along with a passionate and committed management team is crucial to providing a quality experience to your customers. Ask about the vendor’s recruitment practices, training methodology, quality assurance process, coaching and performance management strategies, work can be fun activities, and continuous development plans.

Technology: Does the call center you’re interested in use up-to-date technology, such as a learning management system and a searchable knowledgebase to help speed up the learning curve during the transition or an interactive voice response (IVR) system and speech analytics software to help improve the customer’s overall experience and reduce customer effort. All of these technologies along with much more help companies meet customer needs efficiently.

Infrastructure: Emergencies happen and it’s crucial to choose a call center that’s capable of handling any emergency that arises so your business can maintain stability. Don’t forget to ask about backup generators, multiple ISPs, a disaster recovery plan, and uptime service levels.

Compliance: HIPPA, PCI, SOC 2 are just a few of the certifications your business may require. With companies investing millions of dollars in compliance and data security, it’s important your call center partner has your security in mind.

Making an Informed Decision

As the saying goes, if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is! Operating an effective, compliant, and successful call center is not easy, or cheap! It’s simple to price shop and select a partner based on the lowest rate, however more times than not you get what you pay for. By “S.T.I.C.ing to the plan and asking the right questions, you will be sure to not overlook an important factor that may impact your campaign’s success.

Over the past 14 years, The Office Gurus has been investing time and money into our GURUS, our call centers, and technology in order to create the best experience for our clients, and our clients’ clients. We are committed to being trendsetters in this rapidly growing and constantly changing industry.

If you would like to learn more about our skilled team and the expertise we offer, contact us today.

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The Office Gurus® has risen to become one of the leading global BPO companies. Businesses in all industries find that in-house call centers and customer service teams can be expensive and time consuming to manage. We offer custom solutions through our call center outsourcing services and customer service outsourcing technology. One of our priorities is to make the process as seamless as possible by implementing superior customer support outsourcing solutions that will keep your business operations streamlined and your customers happy.